Aeon Station – Fade (Official Video)

« Fade » by Aeon Station from their album ‘Observatory’ (Out December 10, 2021)
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Director/Editor: Laurent Briet
Country where video was produced: Spain
Location (optional): Valencia
Director of Photography: Sebastian Huergo
Talent: Patricia Martinez

This life you make is bound to fade
Dreams grow old and waste away
The truth will lie or seem unclear
The pain can change or disappear
When all that you know or believe to be true goes wrong
Hold on
It was a night nowhere near where we were
Remembering the parts of a dream we can’t repeat
Wishing all the world would fall around our feet
We need to leave tonight for the life we want to lead
So goodbye to fear
It’s time to disappear
To the unknown
Be on our own
Today is the day we are finally free of pretending
To be something we never wanted
It kept us from dreaming and leaving it behind us
It’s all in our reach now so just take my hand won’t you
No matter the road you’re on you fall at times
The weight of life can pull you under
But have faith get up don’t fall apart
Keep all your strength deep in your heart
You’re more than what you ever wanted
More than what you know
Day after Day it appears we are more
Than we ever believed we could be when it’s ours to
Sing from your chains over and louder
To drown out the noise of the ones who will hate you
Tear at your feelings and keep you to limits
Never compete with the best you can be
With all of your ships you can’t captain
Will one day come back to a glorious meaning
Revealing the one you were meant to be all of the time
Send out your doves to the ravens like lightening to darkness
An endless repeat of you want me and
I want your love to go over the oceans
Countless and counting like 1,2,3, 1,2,3
Searching in patterns that signal a fate we agree
Is designed by the stars for just you and me

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