Lady Moon & The Eclipse – Le Petit Prince [Official Video]

Watch the music video “Le Petit Prince” off of the forthcoming debut album “Journey to the Cosmic Soul”. This will take you on a ride that goes back to the future of celestial sounds and beauty, deep bass funk, serenading strings, and groovy synths.
This song was written shortly after Prince’s transition. “We wanted to channel a musical piece and visual concept that would share the beauty, originality, and celestial genius that he possessed. The ‘Cosmic Soul’ is the portal to infinity. The gateway to your true identity among the stars.” – Lady Moon
“Le Petit Prince” is the third visual production in anticipation of the upcoming debut album, following “Global Warning” (2019, OkayAfrica) and “Star Gazing” (2018, Earmilk).

Lady Moon & The Eclipse is a multicultural six-piece band based in New York. Through soaring vocal textures and R&B/afrobeat-influenced rhythms, their music sheds light on social issues and solutions. With a marked emphasis on inclusivity and spiritual unity, Lady Moon & The Eclipse explores relevant topics through a unique tapestry of celestial perspectives.
Lady Moon & The Eclipse released their debut EP, « Believe » available now on CD and online, and are currently producing their full length album « Journey to the Cosmic Soul »

Love and special thanks to the volunteer team who supported us on the shoot day, and our friends, family and amazing production team who helped make this video possible #liveforlove

Director and Video Editor: Zoe Map
Creative Direction by Lady Moon
Director of Photography: Armando Croda
Lighting Design by Michael Potvin
Visual Effects by Anna Legge
Makeup Artist: Kasandra Badila
Styled by Lady Moon and Ashaka Givens
Shot at Be Electric Studios
Song produced by Lady Moon & The Eclipse and Greg Teves
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Greg Teves
Mastering Engineer: Fred Kevorkian
Song Video Edit by Ken Reichl
Song Lyrics by Lady Moon
Rap Lyrics by Arlen Ginsburg

Performed by:
Lady Moon – Lead Vocals
Ntangou Badila – Backing Vocals
Nkoula Badila – Backing Vocals
Ken Reichl – Drums and Percussion
Arlen Ginsburg – Synths and Rap
Jonathan Camuzeaux – Bass
Stephan Fillare – Violin
Kyulee Seo – Violin
Peter Howard – Cello

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