Mama Feet – What Matters (Official Video)

Music video by Mama Feet performing ‘What Matters’.

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Filmed by Tynho Cpo. Grande, Fey Samp, Mylo Samp, Pedryta Araruama
Edited by Fey Samp, Tynho Cpo. Grande
Post-production by Tynho Ross
Directed by Fey Samp

Music by Mylo, Pedryta, Fey & Tynho
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Fey Samp at Fey’s Garage Studio
Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio

Special thanks to:
– Letícia Kerchner (leehkerchner channel): for the assistance in some shooting days
– Thayná Moura: for the assistance in some shooting days
– Philip Leander (Reckoning Hour band): for lending us a lens we needed for some shooting
& all friends who attended our premiere session.

This is it
It’s just like the apocalypse
Should I insist?
But I’m just so sick of you and me together
And I think things might get better

I’ll learn to be alone
This time I’ll let you be gone forever

Cause it feels like there’s nowhere to run from all of this
Now I see how my mind has tricked me
It’s no magic
All of me was not enough for what you believe
And I don’t care anymore

I’ll find my way
No matter what it takes
I’m gonna make my own mistakes
No one’s gonna tell me what to say
I’ll learn to sing this song
This time I’ll carry on for what matters

For all this time I was scared to see that you weren’t one of a kind
Excuse me, baby
I will let you know that now you’re not really my type
I’m glad to know they are not coming back
And kids weren’t left behind
It feels so good to be in control of my own life



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