New videoclip/single coming soon!

Lead Astray (Indigo) will be our next videoclip and single. To be released soon! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned.


A film by Isabel Restrepo and Sarah Kasmi in association with KASKA Filmcrew.
Featuring Alexandra Grillo | Samuel Delvaux | Isabel Restrepo | Daniel Diaz | Teo Dimitrov | Kris Depuydt.
Costume designer Isabel Restrepo | Production assistance and camera Philippe Van Beeumen | Camera by Tommy Andries and Vera Snykers | Camera Behind The Scenes by Bruno Ramsdonck and Claudia Tricnon.
Lights by Philippe Van Beeumen and Tommy Andries | Executive producer Francis Vanhoutte
Screenplay, production and edition by Isabel Restrepo.

Music and lyrics by Fabulae Dramatis | Co-production Isadora Cortina | Executive production by Gustavo Adolfo Valderrama | Recording, mix and mastering by Bart Van Lier at High Lake Hill Studio.

All rights reserved. Fabulae Dramatis © 2021




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