Soom T – I Wanna Live (Official Video)

« I Wanna Live » taken from « Good » Soom T new album available vinyl, cd & digital here 👉

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🎬 Directed by Tshadash Faya
Director Of Photography : Michaël Klein
Production : Jade Lefort for Lok Lak

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Lyrics :
There are clouds in the sky tonight
I can see the stars shine bright
The fear holds me so tight
A storm is close at hand
There’s a mist on the hilltop ahead
There are tears on the sheet in my bed
There’s a light in the distance
My heart is filled with dread

I wanna live, I wanna live forever
I wanna live with you

I’ve been up and down and round and out
Hearing silence answering my loud shout
As I look on in search of what it’s all about
Talking to God on a big white cloud
People that I grew to love were heading for destruction
So I needed for them to know something
The tale of a Son, a cross to bare
I take to heaven –let me take you there


These old bones have started rattlin’
All my people are tired left scattering
All over the earth and wondering
When will I get home?
I need a hand to hold on tightly
I don’t take anything you say lightly
I follow the road on the path to love
Take instruction from the one above


I call on you hear my cry
Don’t leave me out here to die
Only you can unloose my binds
I have nothing without your life
You are the bread that feeds
And sets me free
You that guides my soul to be next to thee
That’s why I need you


🇫🇷 Soom T est une chanteuse écossaise d’origine indienne. Après avoir milité aux côtés de Y Network, un groupe politique de jeunes représentants des quartiers de Glasgow visant à faire évoluer leur ville, Soom T décide de se consacrer à la musique pour dénoncer les injustices et raconter ses combats quotidiens à travers des textes engagés et percutants.
Elle fait d’abord partie d’un groupe de hip-hop, sort quelques chansons de bhangra puis découvre les sound systems et la culture reggae grâce à différents collectifs et producteurs dont Bus, The Orb et Mungo’s Hi-Fi.
Elle est rapidement repérée par le public notamment grâce à sa musique généreuse et son flow incisif et inimitable. Soom T manie les mots avec une incroyable facilité et a toujours prôné la sincérité dans ses paroles. Elle devient alors une artiste incontournable de la scène reggae underground en tant que « Reine du raggamuffin ».
Après quinze années d’activité et près de cent titres à son actif, elle sort son album « Free As a Bird » en 2015 , qui montre toute l’étendue de son talent et de son spectre musical. S’en suivront, « Ode To A Karrot » en 2016, « Born Again » en 2018 et « The Arch » en 2020.
En 2022, Soom T revient avec « Good » son nouvel album studio. Un album à la croisée du reggae, du dub et du jazz, dans lequel elle dénonce, comme à son habitude, les problèmes politiques et sociaux de notre époque.

🇬🇧 Soom T is a Scottish singer of Indian origin. After having campaigned alongside Y Network, a group of young representatives of Glasgow ghettos aiming to change their city, Soom T decides to devote her life to music to denounce injustices and talk about her daily struggles through militant and impactful lyrics.
She was first member of a hip-hop group, released a few bhangra songs then discovered sound systems and reggae culture thanks to different crews and producers including Bus, The Orb and Mungo’s Hi-Fi.
She is quickly spotted by the public, in particular thanks to her generous music and her incisive and inimitable flow. Soom T handles words with incredible ease and has always preached sincerity in her lyrics. She then becomes an essential artist of the underground reggae scene, known as the « The Raggamuffin Queen ».
After fifteen years of activity and nearly a hundred tracks to her credit, she released her landmark album « Free as a Bird » in 2015, which shows the full extent of her talent and musical spectrum. « Ode to A Karrot »in 2016, « Born Again » in 2018 and « The Arch »in 2020 will follow.
In 2022, Soom T returns with her new studio album « Good » which she entirely self-produced for her own imprint Renegade Masters. An album at the crossroads of reggae, dub and jazz, in which she denounces, as usual, the political and social problems of our time.
As usual, Soom T continues to denounce nowadays political and social issues, all with a spiritual approach, an inimitable style and an incisive flow of her own.

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