The Kanunista – Sweet Galina (Official Video Clip)

The Kanunista – Sweet Galina (Official Video Clip)


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The Kanunista – Maria Makhoul Kazan is a Leading Lebanese and International Kanun Player, Teacher, and Inventor. The Only Female Kanun Teacher in the Lebanese Conservatory and a current PHD Student, Maria is the inventor of the Mini-Kanun, an Updated Small Version of the Original Kanun Instrument Dedicated to Teaching Young Children How to Play it. The Kanunista has Played in Major Concerts in Lebanon and Around the World and with Great Lebanese and Arab Singers/Composers (Ousama and Gahdy Rahabni, Ghada Chbeir, Nidaa Abou Mrad, Fadia el Hage, Jahida Wehbe, and many more)


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