The Kenyan Boys Choir (KBC) & The Tenors – Hallelujah (Official Video)

This is a collaborative performance of Leonard Cohen’s « Hallelujah » by The @Kenyan Boys Choir & @The Tenors . The two groups met for the first time more than a decade ago in Kenya and the musical chemistry was instant. Because the passion and connection to the meaning of the music and its power to bring people from all over the world together both figuratively and literally is deep for both.

Video credits: Jason Johnston
Music/ Sound Engineer: Anthony Mancini
Arrangements: Henry Wanjala(KBC) and The Tenors
KBC Solo: Alvin Kadaji
Maasai Warrior : Wilson Meikuaya

« Hallelujah » comes as one of the first singles off the new Kenyan Boys Choir album « Amini ».
Amini is a Swahili word meaning ‘to believe’.

The album « Amini » comes after trying times for the choir and is a testament of the Kenyan spirit that drives the choir to keep journeying on in faith and hope. It consists of songs of inspiration to us such as Hallelujah and original arrangements and compositions from the choir. « Amini » is produced by award winning UK based record producer and arranger Jon Cohen who teams up with the Choir again after working on their 2009 Album « Spirit of Africa »

The album is still in production and we are asking for your support to get our music out into the world. Please donate to our GoFundMe for the album and our future projects here:

For local support our PayBill Number is: 4091719

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